Random Thoughts

I am always a little leery towards Christians that go out of their way to assume leadership roles in the Church. To be fair, my suspicions are probably formed from the unhealthy amount of pessimism I keep in me and my own cowardice of avoiding leadership roles at all cost!

Ouch, my hand.

I just started back up with BJJ after a 5 month “break” and go figure that I fracture a knuckle during the first free rolling session after the class. I’ll still be going to class but was told to maybe refrain from rolling (sparring) for 2-3 weeks. Sweet start back into BJJ! ;)

Below is the progression from immediately after class until today (a few days later).

Buddy taping for my fractured knuckle means I'm inadvertently repping West Side for a week or so.

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The filter is emphasizing the bruising a little but my finger looks like a zombie today. Pretty cool!

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Random Regrets

Biggest regret of my life is that I never recorded any interviews with a single one of my Grandparents before they died.

I miss all of my Grandparents for sure, but I especially miss my Grandpa as he seemed to have been the only person on Earth that shared my sense of humor. For example —

Grandpa is at the store pulling up an app on his iPhone when the clerk notices.

Clerk: Hey, that’s cool! We don’t usually see people your age using an iPhone.

Grandpa: That’s because the people my age are already dead!

I’m at least thankful to have this collection of memories people shared to listen to as much as I want to. I’ve also come to accept that I am now the only person left in the family that finds joy in awkward situations. :)