Grapevine Hills Trail Hike Video, Big Bend National Park (GoPro 2014)

My parents got me a GoPro (2014 basic version) for my birthday and the timing couldn’t have been better because I took it with me on a trip out to Big Bend National Park with my dad.

This was the second hike of that trip for us and a few lessons I learned:

The waterproof housing makes the audio sound awful and incoherent.

Third party mounts work fantastically with my GoPro and saved me a lot of money! Specifically, this multi-pack of various mounts and attachments off of Amazon has proven to be amazing.

I really wish GoPro had made external battery packs for their basic model. I know, what should I expect at such an affordable price point? But I still can dream.

Being that this trip was my very first experience with a GoPro, I can wholeheartedly say that it was an awesome experience and the basic, entry level GoPro will serve as a gateway into me buying either the 2014 Silver Edition or the 2014 Black Edition here very soon!

I’ll be posting pictures and videos of my recent trip to Big Bend soon but, in the meantime, enjoy the hike above.



“Not a Chance” Book from RC Sproul & Keith Mathison

I just received my copy of “Not a Chance” by RC Sproul & Keith Mathison after making a donation to Ligonier Ministries last week.

Side note: Ligonier has a new “offer” every day through their “Renewing Your Mind” radio show (click here) that is like a treasure trove of awesome material all sent to you for a donation of ANY amount. In theory, you could donate a penny and they’ll still send it out to you. I recommend you donate more, but it’s an awesome outreach ministry they offer!

I’m excited to start this new book because it’s been a relevant topic in my life since I can remember existing.

Curiosity has guided my life down many interesting paths and was what eventually led me to the Christian faith (alongside a lot of other things but I’ll write more about that another day if you don’t already know my testimony). The questions of “Why do I exist?”, “Is there a God?”, “What’s the purpose/meaning of life?” have plagued my mind for many years and, even though I can confidently tell you that I believe what the Bible says regarding each of those questions, I admit that my doubt can sometimes put me into a state of utter panic and distress.

RC Sproul has earned my respect over the past several months (since I only “found out” about him earlier this year) because he is a pastor that doesn’t look to validate his personal opinions when going to the Scriptures but, rather, his personal opinions and worldview has completely been shaped by the Word of God.

It’s admirable, to say the least.

If you end up buying the book too, please let me know. I never have anyone to discuss with what I’m currently reading and that’s mainly due to 1) My awful social anxiety that keeps me from searching or joining any local book clubs and 2) Finding a book club that is Christian and not reading books from pastors that have no business being pastors.



John Mark McMillan – The Borderland Sessions, “Heart Runs”

“Heart Runs” is, easily, my favorite song from JMM’s latest full length album, “Borderlands”.

The Borderland Sessions” is an intimate collection of recordings of the entire Borderland album with special guest vocalists Ray Dalton (featured on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ “Can’t Hold Us”), Bear Rinehart (of NEEDTOBREATHE), Kim Walker-Smith (of Jesus Culture), Sarah McMillan, and Brady Toops. The Sessions also includes full commentary from McMillan, sharing his thoughts and stories behind the songs.