Mind Blown.

While talking politics with any given person, I will explicitly state that I desire a society built completely on voluntary interactions and transactions among free people, void of State coercion and I’ll still get accused of being selfish. Mind = blown.

Quick Thoughts on Social Media Hunts & Anti-Bullying

I’m definitely not “taking the side” or defending the actions of that Minnesotan dentist who killed Cecil the lion but I think for a culture (American) that preaches anti-bullying so much, we should add an * to all the anti-bully campaigns that are placed in schools and other public locations and put in small print “subject to being ignored depending on how society collectively feels about the person!”.

Random Thoughts

I’ve noticed that many of today’s (2015) “professional” photographers spend more time and money on ensuring that their logo/watermark comes across as professional rather than spending the time and money on ensuring that their work does!