“God, Why Do Bad Things Happen?” – a new children’s book by Christy Steubing


My wife is an extremely creative woman and also has a talent for connecting with children. This would probably explain why she is such a successful elementary school teacher! Last year, she finished writing and illustrating her first children’s book, “God, Why Do Bad Things Happen?”. After completing it (she did all the illustrations on her iPad), she emailed me the content and asked me to compile it for her so we could make it more easily distributed as an eBook.

As you may or may not know, sometimes I put things off. My poor wife had to wait until very recently until I finally completed the task of compiling the book for her and now it’s finished and ready for consumption!

You can download a copy for yourself for FREE by clicking on the cover art above or click here.

“Why free?” you might be asking.

We feel that God has given us certain gifts and abilities that can be used to bless and encourage the bride of Christ. Who are we to capitalize on the gifts from God?

Please let us know what you think about the book in the comments below OR by emailing either myself (joshua@steubing.me) or Christy (christy@steubing.me).



My Favorite Drummers

Sometimes I’ll spend 5-8 hours at a time watching drum solo videos on YouTube. I go through phases of what style is my favorite any given day, but my favorite drummers list has always been pretty consistent. Topping my list is usually Buddy Rich but, lately, I’m going back and forth between the GOAT, Buddy Rich and a more modern drummer, Tony Royster Jr.


TRJ is waaaaaay closer to my age, so I’ll go ahead and say he’s currently my favorite drummer.


Enjoy the videos below and tell me who your favorite drummer of all time is.






Buddy Rich



Tony Royster Jr (@ only 12 years old! he’s 29 now)